Help Cozcacuauhtli with housing and healthcare

Cozcacuauhtli is facing heavy legal charges for filming law enforcement officers hurting protestors during the George Floyd protests. On top of the stress of the legal process, she’s dealing with a broken tooth and a failing car. She has a GoFundMe campaign that’s less than $2,000 from its goal.

Can you help? Even small donations get Cozcacuauhtli closer to the amount she needs, which will relieve some of her stress and let her focus on her case. If you’re not in a position to contribute financially at the moment, sharing the fundraiser is also a good way to support Cozcacuauhtli.

The money from the GoFundMe will be used first for Cozcacuauhtli’s healthcare and car repairs. Any extra funds will go towards getting safer housing — she’s been doxxed and harassed, including by elected officials. Her address has been posted online, along with addresses of family members. Getting Cozcacuauhtli into safer housing is a high priority.

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