Malik’s family needs your support

Picture of Malik with his son Amir and brother Khabir in front of a red background. Above the picture it reads Keep Malik’s Family Housed.
Malik with his son, Amir, and his brother Khabir

Malik Muhammad has been targeted for his involvement in the George Floyd protests in 2020. Malik is incarcerated and facing heavy charges. That leaves his partner and his son without his support. Family members are running a fundraising campaign on Chuffed to help with finances.

Going from a two-income household to a one-income household has been really hard for them, especially on top of all of the legal harassment they’ve had to deal with. Your donations will go to ensuring Malik’s son and partner have housing, as well helping with the school and other expenses necessary to raising a 5-year-old. The money will also help fund Malik’s commissary and phone line while he’s in custody, so that Malik can stay in touch with family members.

Any extra funds raised will go to Malik’s partner to help with bills, paying down debt, and any other expenses they face while caring for their family. Even small donations will help keep them supported through this impossibly difficult time. If you’re not in a position to contribute currently, even sharing this campaign will mean a lot.

Chuffed offers you the option of a one-time contribution or a recurring monthly contribution. If you’re in a financial position to do so, please consider contributing monthly until Malik is free.

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