Alert: Fed Trial Against Simona Bearcub Starts Thurs. Feb 3, 2022

Upcoming Federal trial against advocate Simona Bearcub ( starts next Thursday February 3, 2022. Please support this community member and engage with holding the courts accountable by calling in and listening to the proceedings, showing up outside the courthouse, and/or donating to her support network directly!

We are still trying to get the specific access code, courtroom and exact time. The access code numbers change and are not easily publicly accessible. We will work to keep the most up to date posted. If you can provide information or assistance in navigating this part of the process please help the defense committee and let us know. (

  • Federal Line: 877-336-1831, access code: currently unknown
  • Criminal Pre-Trial (503) 326-8000, Press 0, ask Duty Officer for call-in code to trial for Simona Arteaga
  • Federal Courthouse Location: Mark Hatfield US Courthouse, 1000 SW 3rd Ave. Portland OR, 97204

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