Supporting Portland protestors facing legal repression

Our Work

The Anti Repression PDX defense committee includes groups and individuals from Portland, Oregon, including PDX-ARC, the Portland GDC, and Free Malik.

We provide a variety of support to those who need it most, including financial assistance, help navigating the legal system, connections to mental health resources, court observation, and more. We will always need the help of the community so that we can continue to have our comrades’ backs.

If you were arrested in connection with protests in Portland and need support, contact the Portland GDC by email at pdxgdc @ riseup.net or by phone at 503-442-0866.

Our Social Media Banners

Daniel V. took the photos used in our social media banners. Daniel is a photojournalist focused primarily on documenting protests, direct actions and activism, non-profit/community organized events, and concert and band photography. You can find Daniel’s work at danielvmedia.com.

Breana DePriest designed the Anti Repression PDX logo. Breana (they/she/bitch) is a Black multi racial artist, musician and writer inspired by afrofuturism and magical realism. You can find her work at @bredimensional.

A portrait of Breana DePriest, a Black multi racial person with large purple earrings.