Malik’s family needs your support

Malik Muhammad has been targeted for his involvement in the George Floyd protests in 2020. Malik is incarcerated and facing heavy charges. That leaves his partner and his son without his support. Family members are running a fundraising campaign on Chuffed to help with finances. Going from a two-income household to a one-income household has… Continue reading Malik’s family needs your support

Calling All Artists!

Free Malik Now! is seeking art uplifting the call for Malik’s freedom to raise awareness about his case, use as imagery for our campaign, and to raise money with for legal and commissary needs. Help us make the call for Malik’s freedom irresistible!Email us your submissions to

We Want to See Malik Be Free!

Speech delivered to crowd at a noise demo November 10th, 2021 for Political Prisoner Malik Muhammad in front of Multnomah County (In)Justice Center, So-Called-Portland by a member of Free Malik Now!  I am representing Free Malik Now. We are a small support group that seeks to decrease Malik Muhammad’s isolation while he is imprisoned, and… Continue reading We Want to See Malik Be Free!

Malik Loses His Appeal, We Respond With Community Solidarity!

On November 8th, Malik’s appeal for pretrial release was denied. He is facing up to 30 years. On November 10th, a coalition of local anti-repression organizations and supporters of Malik Muhammad gathered outside of the Multnomah County (in)Justice Center, to hear speakers, including a Free Malik Now! organizer and his mother calling in from out… Continue reading Malik Loses His Appeal, We Respond With Community Solidarity!