Cozcacuauhtli is my Nahuatl Indigenous name, which means “collard eagle.” It is the day I was born. I currently use this name until I get a name in ceremony. My legal English/Spanish name is Tracy Molina. I have Indigenous ancestry from Central Mexico from the Nahua people. I grew up in very rural Oregon and lived on PNW reservations or tribal housing for 27 years or more.

I married into a Chetco, Tootootney, Sixes, Tolowa family, my son, grandchildren, nephews and nieces are enrolled members of the Siletz Tribes. Most of my decolonizing work was done on the Yakama Nation when my sister married in to Yakama and Diné Nations. We attended Washat, NAC and Shaker Services. In 1997 I was one of the founding members of the first Danza in Oregon and have been Aztec Dancing and drumming since then and have taught the community for free including several schools, at no charge.

At 17 years old, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy. I served proudly inside the combat zone boundary but never saw combat, due to my service I received 2 medals and several ribbons of honor. I earned an Honorable Discharge and am a disabled veteran with a 90% disability rating from the VA for injuries caused or worsened from my time in the military. I have a masters degree in clinical social work from EWU in 2006 and worked as a social worker for decades with various populations until health conditions made it too difficult to continue. 

I am moved by the struggles if the world and have engaged in non violent civil resistance throughout my life, starting with Farmworkers rights in the late 90’s. I went to Standing Rock in 2016 and was given an Eagle feather along with many other Veterans there. It was a promise to come back if they needed help and to take the ” water is life” message where we are from. This is an honor and responsibility that I hold near to my heart. My struggle does not end there. 

I go for the Veterans that have been deported.
I go for the thousands of kids who will be coming to the border for help. 
I go for the Women who were forced to be sterilized.
I go for Black and Indigenous lives.

During the Justice for George Floyd demonstrations I filmed an attempted abduction by BORTAC in a civilian rental van. They played the video in the U.S. congress as evidence. I tried my best to film as much as I could and was arrested multiple times for filming, a legally protected act. I’m being put on trial for filming protests in my neighborhood from a public sidewalk at I.C.E. I am getting prosecuted for Aztec Dancing after DHS destroyed out altar for the dead. I am being prosecuted for a lot of ridiculous things.

DHS has sent me to the hospital 5 times, a few times by ambulance, directly from police brutality. They do not like my videos. I have been, and currently, am being targeted by DHS. The charges against me are ridiculous lies and exaggerations. My video evidence, once again, will show the police report to be a fabrication. Just like every other prosecution of mine. Video says it all. 

I still get portrayed by the media as a “rioting antifa” and have ben targeted by far-right “journalists”. Far right blogger Andy Ngo testified to congress on Ted Cruz’s request: Ngo is considered an antifa expert but he is not. In his book he lists me as a “chronic militant rioter”. This mischaracterization of me has put my life at risk from violent white supremacists and police.  

I find it very concerning that the federal DA never charged the white supremacists that the FBI discovered were planning to massacre us in a systematic fashion. They have not been charged but I have been repeatedly. I threatened to hurt no one and I did not cause harm to any person at these protests. 

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