A black circle surrounding a pattern of glass cracks in black on white. On the black circle, white text reads "Portland Anti-Repression Committee". Over the cracks, black text reads "PDX ARC"

About the Anti Repression Committee (ARC)

ARC fosters communication between groups and organizers who are actively engaged in anti-repression work in the Pacific Northwest.

We hope to be a community resource for how to resist state repression though platforms like this website.

About the ARC Network

ARC holds network meetings for groups and organizers to come together, share information, eat food, and build relationships.

We feel that connecting with our community gives us a better understanding of how we can best support one another in fighting state repression.

If you are a group who would like to become involved with the ARC network please reach out to us at pdx_arc @ riseup . net (remove extra spaces).

ARC Resources