Pre-Action Checklist

There is always a chance of getting arrested when you are positioning yourself in opposition to the state. Preparing yourself for that possibility will make any arrest easier to handle.

  • Fill out a jail support form: A jail support form lists information needed to provide support, including bail. This form is a good start, but you can also just write down the following information less formally. Give your information to someone trustworthy who won’t be attending the event.
    • Your legal name
    • Your date of birth
    • Who can provide bail funds for you
    • Specific risks you face in jail
    • Your medical needs (such as medications and allergies)
    • Responsibilities you need handled if you’re unavailable (such as feeding pets and calling family members)
  • Arrange a check-in with someone who won’t be at the event to confirm you make it home safe. This goes double for folks under 18. Since arrestees under 18 are handled differently, having someone outside who knows you’ve been arrested is especially crucial.
  • Leave your keys with a friend or at home if you can (along with anything else you can’t easily replace). We’ve seen folks routinely released without ID, house and car keys, religious materials (often in direct violation of the law). If at all possible, don’t have your phone on your person, or at the very least do a thorough lockdown. However, best-case scenario is not having your phone anywhere near an action.
  • Set your social media accounts on private. There are certain dirtbags who automatically dox folks arrested for counter-protesting, so minimize what they have to work with. If you’ve got time to lock things down further, here’s more in-depth instructions.
  • If you have personal funds for bail, make sure they’re accessible to someone you trust to post bail — ideally the same pal with your support form. In Multnomah County, bails under $10k are best paid online through Touchpay with a credit or debit card. Yes, the online system is terrible, but it’s still the best option. Posting bail with cash is doable, but not ideal.
  • Lastly, remember you are not alone! Don’t be shy about contacting the local orgs that exist to help in these situations. Reach out to any of us before, during, or after arrest.