Support those experiencing state repression in the Pacific Northwest.

We provide a variety of support to those who need it most, including financial assistance, help navigating the legal system, connections to mental health resources, court observation, and more. We will always need the help of the community so that we can continue to have our comrades’ backs.

Support us by donating, by writing, and by getting involved in the movement.

You can have the biggest impact by contributing directly to defendants’ fundraisers and the organizations doing support work.

  • Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)
  • PDX General Defense Committee (GDC)

Support us with time

You can help us get the word out about supporting individual defendants, the state repression they are facing, and how to support them financially.
You can also support this movement with your time. Court observation and defendant support are critically important. Reach out to get involved or start corresponding with a political prisoner from the uprising. For more information and ways to write to folks, visit Whenever possible we will share ways to plug into our organizing work, given appropriate legal and security considerations for those we are supporting.